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Which mushrooms can be grown at home?

With so many different types of edible mushrooms, the question arises: can you grow all mushrooms at home? Being able to grow mushrooms from your home opens up lots of opportunities, particularly in the kitchen.      

Not to mention, it is a rewarding hobby to have as you get to care for them and watch them grow into something beautiful. In saying that, unfortunately, you won't be able to grow every mushroom at home. 

Don't fret, though, after reading this article; you'll know exactly what you can and can't grow so you can kickstart your life as a hobby mushroom farmer  👨‍🌾

What edible wild mushrooms can you not grow at home? 

We'll soon get into the incredible edible mushrooms you can grow in your garden, like cremini mushrooms, wine cap mushrooms, and more. First, though, let's cover which mushrooms you cannot grow at home. The below mushrooms are challenging to grow at home and must be sustainably wild harvested:

  • Chanterelle
  • Porcini
  • Aspen Bolete
  • Lobster mushroom
  • Hedgehog mushroom
  • Truffles  
  • Morel mushrooms

You're probably scratching your head, wondering why these edible mushrooms cannot be grown at home. The main reason is that their ideal growing conditions and environments are not easily replicated. 

For instance, truffles can only grow alongside certain trees. So, if you do not have a tree for truffles to grow, you'll need to grow one. The same goes for Chanterelle - they have a symbiotic relationship with other host trees. There are many such trees that will only grow if a known "host" tree is located nearby, with those mushrooms and their mycelium working to feed the host tree, allowing them access to many different nutrients that might have been out of the trees reach.

These edible mushrooms are too challenging to grow at home due to their required conditions. The closest you can get is to buy an "innoculated" tree which has been grown where those mushrooms are naturally present, waiting years for the tree (and your mushrooms!) to show. Morel mushrooms are similar, being a bit tricky due to their required temperature and humidity conditions not to mention a fondness for very particular types of substrate.

Types of edible mushrooms you can grow at home 🍄

Don't worry; there are still lots of types of edible mushrooms you can grow at home! Here are some popular choices, from Wine Cap mushrooms to shiitake, and lots more.

Oyster mushrooms

First on the list of beautiful and delicious mushrooms you can grow at home is the oyster mushroom. There are many different types of oyster mushrooms, including king oyster mushrooms. The easiest ones to grow at home are the grey and pink oyster mushrooms. In other words, the grey oyster mushrooms excel in colder temperatures, while the pink oyster mushroom prefers warm weather. King Oyster Mushrooms are also relatively easy to grow, only requiring a bit of light, fresh air, and humidity.

Shiitake mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms are another type of edible mushroom you can grow at home. They are a tad more challenging to produce than the likes of mycelium. They are a bit more complicated because Shiitake Mushrooms require more incubation time. However, they are incredibly rewarding if you are up for the challenge. What comes after is incredible as flushes of Shiitake Mushrooms are produced that are great for your health! 

Button mushrooms

Button mushrooms are some of the most common edible mushrooms, and because of that, they are straightforward to grow. A variety of Cremini Mushrooms, they can be grown any time of the year. In saying that, winter is the best season since Cremini Mushrooms flourish in cold weather. What's more, they love nitrogen-rich manure! Button mushrooms grow on soil, and it's best practice to keep the bed damp, dark, and warm. Is there anything better than knowing you can grow your own cremini mushrooms at home?

Lion's Mane mushrooms

Next on the types of mushrooms, you can grow at home is Lion's mane mushrooms. They are a popular choice but one of the more difficult ones to produce. They have a unique appearance, almost like a cluster of fuzzy clouds. These mushrooms don't require much space or soil; they can be in the shade on a log or in a dark room. If you go with the log technique, it can take one to two years to grow your first batch. However, once they start growing, you could have a supply for up to six years!  

Wine Cap mushrooms

Next on the types of mushrooms you can grow at home is Wine Cap Mushrooms or Stropharia rugosoannulata. They can grow in the ground, which makes them perfect for outdoor garden beds. Thanks to their love of the outdoors, they are easy to grow. They are aggressive growers, which means a lot of satisfaction for you, the mushroom grower. Wine Cap Mushrooms will flourish in various substrates such as leaf litter, sawdust, wood chips, and straw. This makes them perfect for garden beds because they work well with many different substrates. They grow best during Spring and Autumn and like some sunshine with shade and regular watering. 

Pioppino mushrooms

Pioppino Mushrooms (also known as Black Poplar mushrooms) are another edible mushroom you can grow at home. They have quickly become a very popular choice. It's not surprising when you see how unique they look in relation to their texture and shape. These mushrooms can be grown in straw or wood chip outdoor mushroom beds and on pasteurised straw inside. This makes them very easy to grow; however, if you are growing them inside, you'll need high humidity! Pioppino Mushrooms like autumn the best and to have a controlled growing environment. They grow well in low light, but indirect light will also see them flourish. 

Enoki mushrooms

Next on the types of mushrooms you can grow at home is Enoki Mushrooms. They are a great choice because they fruit in winter. What this means is they require very little light to grow. Enoki Mushrooms are similar to Shiitake Mushrooms in that they grow on decomposing logs. For this reason, Enoki Mushrooms need some wood or sawdust substrate to flourish. Many recommend growing them in glass containers in a dark location. In addition, they should be kept in a colder area to mimic the winter weather. Once their requirements are met, Enoki Mushrooms should grow rather quickly. 

Portobello mushrooms

Another fantastic mushroom you can grow at home is Portobello Mushrooms! All you need is a planting bed and some compost; in no time, you'll have your very own Portobello Mushroom family. These mushrooms prefer cold and dark spaces, so it is best to grow your Portobello Mushrooms under a tree or in a dim room. Make sure you do not expose the Portobello Mushrooms to direct sunlight as they will become dehydrated quickly and not grow. Since they love cold weather, monitoring the temperature is vital, so your Portobello Mushrooms grow in nicely.

Maitake mushrooms

Last on the list is Maitake Mushrooms, also known as Hen of the Woods. These edible mushrooms are particularly popular amongst foragers. Maitake Mushrooms are a versatile choice since they grow pretty big. They generally grow in damp conditions and at the base of oak trees.  

Therefore, if you are trying to grow Maitake Mushrooms at home, you should try to replicate this environment. One thing to note with Maitake Mushrooms, though, is they might not look exactly the same as the ones in the wild due to the minor difficulties in mimicking the same conditions. In saying that, if you stick it out, growing Maitake Mushrooms is worth it!

In Summary - The Best Types of Mushroom to grow at home 🏠

There's no better feeling than seeing your first-ever mushroom head forming from your grow substrate. Growing mushrooms can be rewarding, and not to mention a healthy and interesting hobby, but not all types can be produced at home. 

This is because some are very high maintenance and require conditions that cannot be replicated easily. Luckily, there are lots of very tasty edible mushrooms that can easily be grown at home for you to enjoy.  

As you can see from our list of edible mushrooms you can grow, they have minimal requirements. So, there is no excuse not to start your journey from mushroom virgin to expert grower!   

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