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My names Matthew and I love growing edible mushrooms at home, a hobby that began in my late teens. 

I decided to setup this website to help others learn about growing mushrooms, hopefully helping people to realise it's not actually that difficult to get your first crop of edible mushrooms!

What attracted me to grow mushrooms?

Several things pulled me towards the allure of mycelium and mushrooms! It's not your typical hobby and I'm not your typical person ðŸĪŠ

There were many things that got me into growing them:

1 - I love going foraging for wild food, and of course mushrooms. This can't be done all year round - so growing them at home allowed me to get my "fix".
2 - Mushrooms are incredibly healthy, and are known as a bit of a superfood (yes that label is overused but I think fungi deserve all the praise they get).
3 - For someone looking to transition away from eating meat, mushrooms make a great protein-packed alternative.
4 - It's a different and unique hobby! Lots of people like growing fruit and vegetables (myself included) - so why not mushrooms too?
5 - It can be undertaken by all kinds of people, there isn't a really high barrier to entry. You can grow on a small hobby scale, or can go very professional and get all the gear - there are lots of opportunities!
6 - I like to know where my food comes from, and what goes into it.
7 - Round where I live there isn't a big variety of mushrooms available to buy in the supermarket - if you're able to grow them, you have a huge range of species to choose from!
8 - They can be grown in a very sustainable and eco-friendly manner; you can grow them on straw or used paper/sawdust. The mushroom compost can later be used on the garden. There is a nice little closed-loop system in that.
9 - I love watching them grow, and just the excitement of it all!
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Matthew of MushroomGrowing
Me with a pair of Parasol mushrooms - note, I didn't grow these (I wish I could!)
As you can see... I could probably go on and on about the reasons I love mushrooms. Hopefully this gives you a better picture as to why I decided to set up the site!

I'm a fairly approachable guy (usually) so if you have any questions or wanted to chat about mushrooms just send me a message.

Happy growing! ðŸ„🍄🍄


This is a site that aims to educate people about growing their own edible mushrooms from the comfort of their homes. We grow all kinds of foods in the garden - so why not consider growing your own delicious mushrooms too? 

We aim to not only educate but also to provide a platform that helps other mushroom growers to sell their produce.
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