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Growing Edible Mushrooms from Home

Learn everything you need to get started as a hobby mushroom grower. From mushroom grow kits to making your own spawn - there's something here for everyone!
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Clump of oyster mushrooms growing outdoors

Making Mushrooms accessible to all!

Although growing mushrooms at home can be a very complex, almost secret dark-art, with the use of the correct books, videos, and information on the Internet then you will easily understand the whole process involved in growing your own mushrooms. 

This website was set up to help people around the world learn how to grow your own edible  mushrooms, providing links to the few products that you will need to purchase and providing other related resources and guides.
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Making Mushrooms Accessible to everyone

Learning to Grow Mushrooms

To begin with you will need to decide on which type of mushroom you would like to grow. Some of the most popular home grown mushrooms are the Oyster, Shiitake, Lions Mane, White Button and the Portobello mushroom. Obviously there are a lot more mushrooms that can be easily grown from home, but those few seem to be the most popular, perhaps due to the ease of growing and the general taste of the mushroom. After choosing on a mushroom you will need to read up on its specific growing requirements, as each mushroom will usually have its own unique growing requirements. You will need to find a substrate, which is what the mushroom will be grown on (in the Wild they grow on wood and other natural resources). The most common substrates for growing mushrooms at home are sawdust, paper, and other wood-based products. Once you have the substrate you will need some sort of a container, such as a plaster bag. You will also obviously need some mushroom spawn, which can be purchased online.If you are serious about growing mushrooms yourself, either for your own personal consumption or to sell as a business then it is important that you fully understand how to be able to grow mushrooms - and the best way is by purchasing either of Paul Stamets' books, Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms or The Mushroom Cultivator. Both books are considered to be the best books written on the subject of growing mushrooms. You can purchase these books by clicking on the text link above or by using the image links on the right-hand side of the page.

Mushroom Blog

We love to write and share information on growing edible gourmet mushrooms. Take a look at some of our most recent articles below. 

You can see all our articles here.
3rd November 2022
Internet of Things system proposed to determine how best to grow rare Cordyceps mushroom outside the Himalayas

Cordyceps sinensis - also known simply as Cordyceps, is an edible mushroom abundantly found in the Himalayan Mountain Range. Sought after by many, this ancient traditional medicine acts as a remedy for cancer restraint, depression, high blood pressure, asthma, respiratory disease, and lots more. However, this mushroom is limited to growing within a specific region.  […]

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31st October 2022
How to preserve mushrooms

Did you know that mushrooms are neither vegetables nor plants? They are actually a fungus, the fruit of which is eaten, which has seed-like spores on it. They are considered one of the best vegetarian substitutes for meat with the proteins it contains. Being low in calories, some people believe they also help to fight […]

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16th September 2022
What are these mushrooms growing on my lawn?

Seeing mushrooms growing on a lawn results in people either being intrigued and curious or confused and worried. There are so many different types of mushrooms, some good and others bad.   A number of these mushrooms are edible, while some are poisonous. Given the confusion you are probably rubbing your chin, wondering what are they? […]

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9th August 2022
Which mushrooms can be grown at home?

With so many different types of edible mushrooms, the question arises: can you grow all mushrooms at home? Being able to grow mushrooms from your home opens up lots of opportunities, particularly in the kitchen.       Not to mention, it is a rewarding hobby to have as you get to care for them and watch them […]

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7th April 2022
What Is Mushroom Coffee and its Health Benefits?

Mushroom coffee sounds unappetising but it tastes just like regular coffee! After all, it’s a blend of ground mushroom and coffee beans brewed to bring out a dark, nutty, and smooth coffee. Mushroom coffee contains significantly lower caffeine levels compared to regular coffee and is highly recommended for anyone pursuing a healthy lifestyle. This is […]

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20th February 2022
How to Grow Oyster Mushrooms in the Garden

Oyster mushrooms are a flavourful and nutritious fungus cultivated for their high nutritional value and excellent taste, making them an appealing choice for mushroom growers. Let's cultivate oyster mushrooms indoors with simple kitchen waste in this quick guide. The generic name for this species is "Flat Mushroom," and are found nearly everywhere in the world, […]

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This is a site that aims to educate people about growing their own edible mushrooms from the comfort of their homes. We grow all kinds of foods in the garden - so why not consider growing your own delicious mushrooms too? 

We aim to not only educate but also to provide a platform that helps other mushroom growers to sell their produce.
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